Essex Bed and Breakfasts

The county of Essex in the East of England comprises of many notable town and takes its name from East Saxon’s.
Chelmsford, the Administrative Headquarters of the county, is only one of the towns with a fascinating history. Previously an agricultural town, the building of a canal in the 19th century presaged an influx of machines and tools for industrial applications.
The deep water port at Tilbury is also located in the county of Essex and is of great historical interest, as is the 16th century fort which is close to the port. The town is the place of the legendary Speech to the Troops delivered by Queen Elizabeth I in 1588 in anticipation of the arrival of the Spanish Armada.

From the rural luxury of a 17th century farmhouse replete with vineyards and landscape gardens to a 19th century converted village school, the B&B’s of Essex are as various as they are renowned for hospitality and a high quality of service.

Here at Essex Bed and breakfast we are proud to feature some of the best accommodation in the county. Whether you’re looking for peaceful seclusion for a weekend away from the rigors of usual life, or if you have a special requirement, then one of the Bed and Breakfasts on our site, chosen for their reputation for professionalism and that personal touch, will certainly be able to meet your needs and inveigle those morning taste-buds with the aromas of a freshly prepared breakfast.